Newsletter: December 2022

Open Circle Spiritual Journey Event

It’s amazing how the people we surround ourselves with influence who we become. In Student Open Circles, we intentionally create communities of belonging and service, the kind of spaces that encourage students to become themselves. In this letter, you’ll hear from Jay, who talks about the acceptance he feels in Open Circle, and how it helps him to be more vulnerable and open to others, become more mindful, and have a vibrant outlook on life. Elliot describes what it’s like to be part of a community that makes a difference in the lives of others, and how he has grown into a stronger, more mature person.

And we have PICTURES! After two years of Zoom screenshots, we’re devoting extra space to share photos of some of our recent in-person gatherings. Students are loving being together “IRL” and so are we!

Thank you for your support as we create “communities of becoming,” where young people can discover their best selves.

— Marybeth and Jeff