Everyone is included in Open Circle

Open Circle ClubsFest table

by Jay Patel, student

Above photo: Jay (middle) tells other students about Open Circle at a Welcome Week event (first time in a long while we’ve been able to do this in-person!)

Out of all the clubs and teams that I have joined throughout high school and university, Open Circle is the closest to my heart. There are many reasons for this. For one, there isn’t a hierarchy in roles. In the clubs that I have been involved in, there are executive positions and general members. Because of this, newcomers may have a feeling of inferiority or they may lack a sense of belonging due to not knowing anyone in the group. In my first meeting at one of the Open Circle events, I immediately felt welcomed. There weren’t any executive members, but only facilitators that helped support everyone’s growth. It felt like one big family, where everyone was included.

In addition, I am grateful for being part of a club in which I am able to become a better version of myself. Open Circle is unique because it allows me to be vulnerable, learn about other people’s experiences, and have a vibrant outlook on life. For example, through the opening and closing quotes at the Open Circle events, I have been able to escape my routine mindset and approach life in an enhanced way. Open Circle has introduced me to living a mindful life. I have always heard about the importance of meditation, journaling, and mindfulness. However, I had never taken the steps to truly practise these activities. By practicing things like mindfulness and journaling at Open Circle and hearing the effects that they have had on my peers, I have been motivated to incorporate them as part of my own life.

Open Circle has taught me many things, and I am forever grateful.