Open Circle Photo Gallery

Team Building Activity
Team-building game at our training for student leaders


Volunteer and child reading
Our student volunteers provide reading and homework help at the Welcome Inn’s LAF afterschool club and many other pro-grams for underserved children and youth.
Gingerbread house activity at Conway Homes
After two years of remote visits, our volunteers have returned to Conway Opportunity Home for adults with disabilities. Here, they show off homemade gingerbread houses.
Students at a group session
Students listen as panelists describe their personal spiritual journeys at our “What’s Soul Got to Do with It?” event.
Campfire retreat
Campfire songs, smores, and opportunity for reflection and discussion at our outdoor “Rekindling our Fire” retreat.
Open Circle Rep Suit
Amanda is so excited to let 1st year students know about Open Circle, she painted it on her Welcome Week “Rep Suit.”