Personal and Spiritual Reflection

  • Personal and Spiritual Reflection

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We mentor and empower students to reflect on their experiences in order to grow as people, to discover meaning and direction in their lives, and to understand how they can make a positive difference in the world. In our volunteer programs, students reflect on what they are learning and how their service relates to larger issues such as poverty and social justice. On campus, we offer a variety of opportunities for students to reflect on their lives.

I can say without hesitation that Open Circle has made me a richer and more complete human being, teaching me to integrate my inner life with my outer life and to help those in need. You helped me grow as a person and understand the greater picture of the world around me.

Weekly Reflection Circles

  • Safe spaces where a diversity of students explore creative and reflective practices as well as the questions and issues that concern them
  • Personal Discovery Course: students clarify their personal values, write their own life mission statement, and receive individual coaching
  • Becoming Yourself Series: students learn about wellness, healthy habits, self-awareness, and mental health through mindfulness practice, writing, body awareness, movement, music, and visual creative expression
  • Creativity Circle: students explore art, writing, storytelling, drama, and music as a spiritual or reflective practice
  • Meditation Circle: supports students in a variety of mindfulness and reflection practices
  • Body, Mind, Spirit Circle: a supportive space for sharing questions and ideas about spirituality and authentic healthy living
  • Grief Support Sharing Circle: a support group for students who are experiencing loss or anticipatory grief due to the death of a loved one
  • Mindful Mornings and Weekend Wind Down: weekly guided reflection practices to help students begin and end the week with mindfulness and intention

Events and Retreats

  • Exploring social justice, personal values, mindfulness, coping with stress, self care and positive mental health, spirituality, environmental sustainability, and more

Individual Coaching

  • Individual coaching and spiritual companioning by our resource staff
  • We support students through many life issues. Whether individually or in group settings, staff help students reflect on their values, relationships, spirituality, life path, and service.
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