Newsletter: June 2023

Students walking in a circle playing musical instruments

This is an exciting, scary, sad, and hopeful time of year for students who are graduating. Many tell us how much it’s meant to them to have the safe space that Open Circle provides for reflection and service, or to learn how to facilitate these spaces for their peers. In a recent conversation with graduating leaders, I sensed their panic as they asked if it’s possible for Student Open Circles to start a chapter in every major city in the world (short answer: no, we’d need a few more resources for that 😊). As they wondered how they will replace this community that’s become so important to them, the conversation took a lovely turn when they realized that they have gained the skills, tools, and vision to seek out and create similar communities wherever they go. As Vivian says in her story, the spirit and light lives on in her and her fellow Open Circle graduates. Thank you for your support of Student Open Circles, and for helping us to develop young people who will take the light with them wherever they go!

— Marybeth and Jeff