Newsletter: September 2022

Adrian, student leader

Madeline and Shunmathi have been involved in Student Open Circles for long enough to remember our pre-pandemic, in-person ways of being together. Most of the current students in this community got to know each other inside a Zoom window, with a few in-person gatherings thrown in. This fall, with our weekly volunteer groups, spiritual supports, community gatherings, and leadership training happening mainly in-person, they are so excited to connect in real life! Their longing for deepening community and friendship vibrates through the screen during our online circles this summer and our planning meetings for the fall term. It’s going to be a rewarding and challenging year as we build in-person community while navigating safety protocols, taking public transit to volunteer placements, and training student leaders who have never volunteered with us in-person. As Madeline and Shunmathi describe, the positive impacts in people’s lives happen in whatever form we gather, and we are grateful to all who encourage and support us along the way!

— Marybeth and Jeff