Newsletter: December 2020

Picture of Adrian
Around the world in 24 hours

by Marybeth Leis Druery

In the past day I’ve been to Egypt, Vancouver, China, and Ontario (all virtually, of course). As I “travelled” the globe, I’ve been in awe while listening to students and people in the community who are receiving much-needed support through the work of Student Open Circles. Some are grieving losses, like the isolated senior who choked up as she expressed her gratitude for the beautiful letter from a student in our Letters to Seniors volunteer group that arrived shortly after her son died. Some students have lost a close friend or family member and won-der about how to manage the holidays. Many students are feeling the mental health effects of this time of isola-tion, and some have the additional challenge of living in difficult family situations. Others have big goals, like the grad student who shared her concern about the speed of technological change and how taking our courses de-veloped her commitment to help guide the world in a healthy direction. Or the first year student who reflected with me on how to bring transformation in areas of systemic racism and sexism. The list could go on. And this was only the last 24 hours! Read Simi and Christy’s stories, and watch Vivian’s video to see how Student Open Circles is meeting mental, social, and spiritual needs during this global crisis. Clearly your support is making a big difference locally and around the globe. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

— Marybeth and Jeff