Small Fish, Big Pond


by Julia Harper, student

My involvement with Open Circle has been one of the highlights of my undergrad journey so far. Many will remember the feeling of being a small fish in the big pond that is university. The pressure to do more, to swim faster, to be the best fish!

Moving on from the fish analogies… Open Circle has provided a welcome respite from the stresses of university life, and a place to ponder questions of direction and meaning. This community encourages big questions and strives to care for one another as perfectly imperfect people.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to serve this community over the past year on the student leader team. This close-knit group is dedicated to bringing together people from all sorts of backgrounds who are exploring similar questions about how to live well. Helping to make community-building events a reality with the support of this wonderful team has been incredibly life-giving. Accompanying others as they explore who they are in the world while also discovering my own path has been such a gift.

Thank you to the supporters of Student Open Circles for making this a reality!