Making a Difference in Our Community

Above: Volunteers playing Trivial Pursuit with residents at the Conway Opportunity Homes. Below: volunteers making a snack for children at the Learning And Fun afterschool club.

I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact the SOC groups of students have had on our residents. The interactions amongst the group have been so amazing and, with no hesitation, the students jumped in. When the students treat our residents like any other human being and adapt activities and games so that any physical limitations they may have is not a factor, it is a success. Thank you!

– Kim McDonald, Director of Conway Homes

One of the kids who attends the LAF afterschool program experienced a death in the family. The kid came to LAF looking for their mentor and was really upset. The mentor was able to calm them down and support them until they were ready to engage with activities.

- Michelle Urbanek, Learning And Fun Coordinator

Through volunteering with SOC, I learned more about how prevalent food insecurity is in the Hamilton community especially since the pandemic.

– Maya Wali, student leader