Just a Little Bit of Love!

Julia (2nd from left)

By Julia Gallant, student

To love and accept yourself is a powerful thing. For a long time, it seemed like an unattainable goal. A fantasy. The welcoming community, leadership opportunities, and mindfulness activities that Open Circle provides has been a large contributor to my journey. I have never in my life encountered a group of individuals so warm, inviting and non-judgmental. The people within the event planning team are some of the sweetest people and I have formed meaningful connections with them. The space we create allows us to breathe and just come as we are. For me, this means allowing myself to take up space and voice my opinions. I often remind myself that it’s okay to take up space, there is room for anyone here.

I joined the student planning team last year to help create and facilitate events for Open Circle. Each event we plan speaks to an important theme to inspire others. Something I cannot overstate is the fulfilment and awe that I have every time I get to see the process of an idea become a meaningful event. I am very grateful to be a part of this team. One surprising thing I've learned is how much I enjoy being a host at events! My confidence after joining the planning team has grown so much and it feels wonderful to have finally found my voice.

Finally, the mindfulness activities that Open Circle holds have taught me so much about self-love and gratitude. Gratitude is a large part of my self-love journey. Every time I need a little reminder or reset, I can join one of the reflection circles and feel so much better.

Open Circle members and mindfulness practices have positively influenced my life so much with their love, kindness and open hearts. Now, I feel honoured to help others, just like they did for me, with a little bit of love! ♡