Art & Music

Our founding staff members donate proceeds to Student Open Circles from sales of their art and music:

Art by Marybeth Leis Druery

Marybeth Leis Druery creatively expresses her commitment to a world where we value and care for each other -- through her art and through her work with Student Open Circles, bringing together a diversity of McMaster students to discuss life, spirituality, and social justice and to make a difference through local volunteering. She offers individual spiritual companioning as a supportive space for listening to where meaning is emerging in one’s life and discovering meaningful spiritual, creative, or social justice practices.

View Marybeth's Website, and contact her if you would like to order art, cards, gift sets, or prints in support of Student Open Circles.

Music by Jeff and Marybeth

the Other Side of Night: an original album by Jeff and Marybeth

View Jeff's Website to Listen, Download, and get the CD