In the Community

Student Open Circles in the Community…

“Having so many volunteers to help improve literacy at our school is extremely helpful. Many of our children require extra reading support and the Student Open Circles volunteers provide weekly, consistent support. A highlight for me is seeing the relationships built between the volunteers and children. Each volunteer has become a positive role model in the lives of some of our neediest students. The children look forward to seeing them each week.”                                           

Michelle Bellavia, Literacy Teacher, Bennetto Public School

Students Speak...

I learned that there is actually a huge divide between the rich and poor of Hamilton, and that there are many people in the community who face significant socioeconomic issues. I was completely oblivious to this fact because I had been too preoccupied with my life at McMaster to really learn about the rest of Hamilton.     

– Nazia, CVA Student Facilitator

The more you commit to volunteering, the more you enjoy what you are doing and it becomes a sort of "high" (it makes you happy, therefore you want to do more of it)

– Simon, CVA Student Facilitator

Never compare yourself to the people ahead of you because there are so many more behind you. Through volunteering, Hamilton and its people taught me to cherish what I have and the value I contribute to society.  

– Keerthana, CVA Student Facilitator