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Get Out of the Bubble

December 2008

First year students often still see themselves as kids. In just a couple of months time, I've already noticed changes in these volunteers as they cross the threshold into seeing themselves as adults with responsibility for their actions in the world.

Hunger for Real Things

August 2008

"These young people want to move beyond the "community" they find on-line or the buzz of shopping to engage in real conversations, experiences, and spaces for listening, knowing deep down that there is nothing better than people in a room together."

Learning Through Service

December 2007

Like waking up at 6:00 on Saturday mornings? Not a lot of people do. The Wesley Soup Kitchen starts at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday mornings and may discourage a lot of people from volunteering

Questions and Quotations

October 2007

"If someone were to write a memoir of your life, what would you want them to say were your guiding principles?" asked 'Melissa' following a reading she had brought to our Spiritual Journey Circle. Each participant in this weekly discussion group periodically brings something that they have been reading or reflecting on. After sharing the reading, they give the group a question to journal about that prompts further reflection.

Who Are Tomorrow's Leaders

June 2007

Much of what we do within Open Circle is to invest in the development of future leaders. By this I mean that through their participation in the Open Circle community they are formed and encouraged in their commitment to live intentionally and to use their influence towards the creation of a more just and peaceful world.

Creativity and Compassion

April 2007

Stories of how students are discovering a spiritual connection through creativity along with pictures and quotations from student volunteers.

Listening to our Lives

December 2006

Stories of how students are discovering a spiritual connection through creativity along with pictures and quotations from student volunteers.

Taking Down the Invisible Wall

August 2006

"It sometimes seems to me that we are all surrounded by invisible walls built up by our own individuality and culture. These walls may help to define who we are and how we are unique, but ultimately, they make it very difficult for us to understand other people. (Janice)"

Making a Difference, Sharing our Journeys

June 2006

Two students share stories on...
Making a difference: "Participating in weekly volunteering groups ... allows us to know that the world is bigger than us, bigger than our studies and our degrees, and know that we have a place in it all; and with that, a certain responsibility to ignite positive change in our environments." (Steph)
Sharing the Journey: "There were times in the past where I had felt a spiritual connection with life, but in this discussion group I was able to share my experience." (Deirdre)

More than a Buzzword

April 2006

"I've never experienced community before!" admitted "Keith" during a small group discussion at a recent Open Circle retreat. This "light bulb moment," inspired by the experience of community throughout the weekend, reflected both sadness and the hope of having discovered that it is possible to find truly embracing community.