Kala's Creative Pledges

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

By Kala Grant, Open Circle alumni and SOC board member

This winter I will be giving up coffee, walking to work and learning how to cut my own hair so that I can help sustain Open Circle and CVC programming.

I'll be honest - trying to make it as a millennial these days is not easy. There is an expectation that we go to university, which comes with a lot of student debt. Houses are the most expensive they have ever been and don't even get me started about rent or the price of avocados... The idea of donating money (when there isn't an abundance to start with) can cause a bit of anxiety. 

That's why, with the theme of sustainability in mind, I've tapped into my creative juices (and phoned a few friends) to engineer a few ways to save money AND bring positive change to my life. Who knew this was possible!!?

For anyone who is interested in my pledges I've posted them on my crowdfunding page & I'll be posting video updates as I make progress. I will be reducing the frequency that I buy coffee (which is good for me, the environment and my wallet). I am going to walk to work over taking the street car - yes, even in the snow! And I will learn a new skill which is to cut my own hair, so I can use this money towards donating to Student Open Circles instead!

One thing that can help Student Open Circles sustain itself is through the support of monthly donors. This does not have to be a heaping amount. You would be surprised at how much $5-10 a month would help!

I want to invite anyone who reads this to consider pledging an activity that they can modify in their daily lives (or even a weekly/monthly modification). 

For anyone pledging - I wish you good luck & I would love to hear your ideas! 

For others, I hope you will consider supporting Student Open Circles this Giving Tuesday where a donation of $25 will have a $60 impact!

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