Spreading Compassion

Monday, November 27, 2017
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Student Open Circles spreads compassion by...

Our world needs more compassion. Whether it’s the at-risk youth in the inner city who needs mentorship, social support, and help with their homework from weekly volunteers like Justin, or whether it’s a university student like Jonathan who has been engaged in a lonely search for meaning, we all need the support of people who truly care about us. At its heart, compassion means to “suffer with” – to walk with each other in the midst of the struggles and challenges of life. To learn it, we need to experience it firsthand. Student Open Circles is creating places of belonging, where students can receive the care and support they need, and then reach out and spread that care to others in practical and life-changing ways. It’s like a mini “School of Compassion,” where the curriculum is mostly caught, rather than taught. Thank you for your support as we equip and empower young people to create a more compassionate world!

-- Marybeth and Jeff