Am I Enough?

Monday, August 28, 2017
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Student volunteers provide individual mentoring and tutoring for children each week at afterschool clubs throughout downtown Hamilton

What is enough? Am I enough? These are questions that students feel but often run from. In Marlene’s words, many are “exhausted and disillusioned by the endless stressors and often superficial norms of university culture.” The feeling that there is something wrong and it’s me is reflective of the larger culture where there’s so much competition to look and act and succeed in a certain way. As the student’s stories in this letter reflect, “keeping ourselves busy is so often a veil that we use to hide from having to consider the questions that lie deep within us.”

We are grateful for your support as we companion many young adults who are tired of all the striving to be enough. You are giving Marlene and her peers the opportunity to be “seen, heard, supported, appreciated, and transformed,” and “creating a world with more depth, purpose, and compassion.”

Marybeth & Jeff