Finding Strength to be Vulnerable

by a Becoming Yourself student

The Becoming Yourself Series is a wonderful place to let the veneer of socially constructed behaviour fade. It’s a place where I can sit and allow my fears, insecurities, and truths to surface without judgment. For me, this is such a rare and incredible experience. Anywhere I’ve ever been—at work or school, with family or friends—I’ve felt a sense of judgment if I tried to share my struggles. It’s remarkable to me to find so many people who have similar struggles. It requires a certain amount of bravery and strength to open yourself up to these experiences because we have been socialized to be ashamed of feelings of inadequacy, confusion, guilt, sadness and pain.  Our society projects this idea that you should be happy 100% of the time.

I am so proud of those that decided to be vulnerable and embrace the beauty of all of their emotions and thoughts. That is true strength. I feel a wonderful grounding simply being in their presence because I know they are also seeking answers to similar questions. This process truly allows me to see just how many people are struggling with similar issues, and it is an eye-opening and wonderful realization. Most of us are looking for belonging, significance, purpose, and love. Open Circle and the Becoming Yourself Series provide a space for us to give that to one another through non-judgment and acceptance.

My hope and my wish is for others to take a leap of faith and join any of the Open Circles. The significance and beauty of your life is evidenced by the simple fact that you are here. You exist. You are a precious piece of this universe. And we see you.