How My Life Changed

by a 3rd year Medical Sciences PhD student

The Becoming Yourself Series has been a truly a life-changing experience for me. In the midst of a chaotic week, being present at the weekly sessions is a welcomed escape. I have a safe space to share my story with like-minded people and our wonderfully welcoming host, Marybeth. More importantly, the questions we explore in the sessions provide the platform to connect with myself and to explore the motivations driving my decisions and behaviour. I owe much of my recent progress in mindfulness, gratitude, and my general sense of peace to this series and more broadly, to Open Circle.

Marybeth cultivates a dynamic balance between reflection and growth, and facilitates vulnerability within a safe space. It’s through her guidance that I feel comfortable enough to explore ideas outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself to embrace new thinking patterns. Her follow-up questions, in particular, resonate with me and give me the sense that she is truly listening to each of our stories and is wholeheartedly engaged in her role with this series. I have nothing but gratitude toward Marybeth and all the behind-the-scenes contributors to Open Circle for facilitating the BYS series, for helping me to see that I am enough, and for encouraging me to implement these thinking patterns into action.