Seeking Balance for Mind, Body, and Soul

by Alison Arden Open Circle Student

As a graduate student who is enrolled in a demanding Nurse Practitioner program, I was drawn to Open Circles as an outlet which was a different pace and focus than the hectic, deadline-filled schedule that I had grown ac-customed to. Given that I perpetually felt as though I was running on empty, I knew that my life was seeking bal-ance and changes needed to be made. Although I was devoting myself to my studies, I was not as focused on en-suring that my mind, body, and soul were being nurtured.

Being in health care, I had always had an interest in and appreciated the value that meditation could have on the body. What drew me to Open Circles was the focus on self-care, mindfulness, gratitude, and being the best ver-sion of yourself. I noticed that over the course of the 5 week session, I learned some very valuable tools to help guide me through life, to live more authentically and holistically. The use of journaling helped me keep track of my thoughts and my progress throughout the weekly sessions.

Overall, I am so thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Open Circles sessions. I am taking away some valuable practices, meditation exercises, and am approaching life and my studies in a more grounded, positive, and gracious manner. Programs such as these are so important for students of all disciplines and I am so thankful for the generous support of the sponsors and donors, as without your assistance, programs like these would not be able to run. This program has been a blessing and I am noticing that the skills I’ve developed as a result of Open Circles will be applicable not only to enhance my academic success, but my personal and professional life as well, so thank you!