Staying Grounded

by Emily Scott Open Circle student

Open Circle has been a source of peace for me ever since I first went to the retreat over a year ago. This was the first environment I had been in that incorporated spirituality and meaning in a way that was inviting, accepting, and encouraging. In the fast paced university environment, it can be difficult to slow down and cultivate an awareness of the present moment, and open circle is the place where I got to do that. Instead of running off to class in a hurry, I would calmly stroll through the crowds of students after a quiet and contemplative hour of meditation or discussion. This kept me grounded, open-minded, and in tune with my spiritual beliefs throughout the year. I am thankful for Marybeth and Jeff, who have an amazing ability to facilitate these experiences without taking an authoritative approach. Instead, they have provided space for myself and others to consider what is most important to us, and to see the world in a new way. It is easy to let my schedule fill up and not make time for Open Circle events, but whenever I do I am always thankful for it.