A Vision for My Community: volunteers reflect on hope

Reflecting on our hopes for the community we serve, our Friday morning breakfast volunteer group began our weekly reflection with a reading of a quote (below). I then led the group into a process of creating a collaborative poem. Here’s what the group created:

Hope, unlike optimism, is rooted in unalloyed reality… Hope is the elevating feeling we experience when we see – in the mind’s eye – a path to a better future. Hope acknowledges the significant obstacles and deep pitfalls along that path. True hope has no room for delusion. (Jerome Groopman)

Hope is a powerful force that can facilitate change.

The kids’ bright light of openness, creativity, caring and resilience softens the morning and my heart. 

Hope is about believing in a better future, For me it is recognizing that my hope isn’t limited to my personal ambitions

but hope can also be my vision for my community Doing what I can do to engage in the community

True hope is realistic

Recognizes the hardships that come along with it I hope these kids gain confidence and have good days at school

That more kids come to enjoy the breakfast

Hope is a reason to continue to put your best effort forward

You’re never too old to try something new

To be loved and know we are loved, worthy and gifted