Safe Space for Trusting Connections

Robyn (right) on a silent hike during an Open Circle retreat (clearly this wasn’t the silent part of the hike!)

by Robyn Beckett, Open Circle student

Open Circle is different compared to any other aspect of my life. I take part in the weekly Creativity Circle that allows me to express myself out loud and through art. Before this, I felt like I had no way to artistically or creatively express myself. Not only has Creativity Circle provided me with weekly creative expression, it has also helped me to appreciate other aspects of my life that are or can be forms of creative expression.

An added bonus are the friendships I have made through Open Circle. The nonjudgmental, kind, caring, and encouraging atmosphere within Open Circle has allowed me to open up to these friends and to build deep, trusting connections with them. I've learned so much from these friends. I believe they have opened up in the same way I have and in doing so have shared so much of their wisdom with me. Because of the creative expression and chance to see these friends, I look forward to Open Circle meetings every week.