Changing Lives: Student Open Circles Volunteers in the Community

Weekly volunteers at Wesley Centre Soup Kitchen
Left to right: Kimberley, Tasha, Rachel, Jaya, Maria

From our weekly Volunteer Group at YOUth Create

One girl in the program who is a higher needs student said, “I love when the volunteers come because they’re fun and listen to me. I feel bad for other kids when they can’t make it on Thursdays because they’re awesome." This is a girl who really thrives with the one-on-one attention that she is able to get on Thursdays, and her social skills have really developed since being able to get that attention. Since starting their time volunteering, I have seen the volunteers come out of their shells and really become comfortable in this environment. They are fantastic with the kids and so appreciated by all the staff!

— Rebekah Clause, staff at YOUth Create, HARRRP