Marc's Story

Student Open Circles volunteers are mentors for children at
Learning And Fun and other afterschool programs

Marc* is in grade 2 and struggles with ADHD. Focusing on his work is difficult for him and at times he can become easily frustrated and behavioural issues arise. He has also had a tough year at home after being removed by CAS from his mother’s care and placed with his father and stepmother. Throughout this year Marc has really appreciated being a part of the Learning And Fun afterschool program. His Student Open Circles volunteer mentors have worked hard to create a safe space for him and he is happy to see them each week. Marc says “My mentors are my friends. They help me try harder on my homework.” Marc has also built great rapport with the whole group of volunteer mentors. He is usually the last one to be picked up each day but mentors have let him join in on their reflections. Before leaving they’ve all given him high fives or hugs and left with cheerful goodbyes or encouraging words. Instead of feeling left behind Marc thinks of himself as special because he gets to be there with the volunteers he so admires!”

– Gladys Flores, Children’s Programs Coordinator, Welcome Inn Community Centre

*name & photo changed