Stories we find ourselves in

Friday, November 20, 2015
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Elise shows her reasons for involvement in Open Circle reflections and volunteering

“How can I know if the story I’m telling myself is life-giving?” inquired a student at one of our reflection circles. Every day, the students we journey with are examining stories. The stories they were raised with, the story of culture or faith, stories from society of want and inequality, the stories they hear inside themselves. It’s a particularly poignant stage in life for sifting through all these beliefs. Together we explore what stories are ringing true for them. What do they find truly life-giving? This is forming our Open Circle themes for the year: “Stories we find ourselves in - who we are, where we come from, and where we might go.”

You might remember Elise who had a mid-night crisis of story while in her first year of University. Now, three years later, she describes how her story has unfolded since then. And how her own understanding of her story has deepened and changed over time; the same events taking on new meaning when looking back.

Thank you for your support as we walk with students during their young adult years, a time in life when they come to a deeper understanding of their own story and experience so much change and growth!