Back to School!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015
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This season of change means many things to many people. Anticipation is in the air! Students beginning their first year at University might feel excited yet “confused and awkward” as Stephanie describes. Some will get involved in Student Open Circles for the first time and, as Madeleine says, have “no idea what to expect.” Others look forward to continuing their journey of growth, like one person who e-mailed yesterday saying: “I'm getting more excited for the fall every day. More Open Circle soon! Looking forward to meeting next week to discuss more fall events!” And for those entering their final year of school, there’s often a sense of uncertainty as they face the question: “Now What?”

Thank you for your support as we embrace a new school year: meeting new students, deepening connections with those we know well, and mentoring new student leaders.

— Marybeth and Jeff