Fast Facts / Community Speaks

Mentors Making a Difference: Six of our weekly volunteer groups serve at the Welcome Inn Community Centre. Volunteers are paired as mentors with children in need of extra social and academic support (right).

Fast Facts:

  • 20–25 teams volunteering each week
  • Over 300 students giving 10,000 hours each year (this translates to at least $110,000 of benefit to the Hamilton community)
  • Hundreds of students involved in Weekly Reflection Groups, Events, Personal Discovery Course, and Retreats


Student Volunteers Speak…

“I’ve learned that I have the potential to make a difference in other people's lives, even if it seems small.”

“I always knew that poverty and social issues in Hamilton were serious, but not to this extent. Only after this volunteer opportunity, I got to notice some of the problems that even children undergo. I've learned the importance of voicing out my concerns about poverty to a greater audience, so more people can take action. In the future, I can picture myself continuing to support and assist more individuals that face social issues.”

Children Speak…

“I come here and I always get help from my mentors. They give me good advice and suggestions especially when it comes to staying out of trouble from gangs or bullying.”

– David M., Grade 8, Learning And Fun afterschool program at Welcome Inn Community Centre