Growing into Leadership

by Laura Crump

CVA Student Facilitator at Learning And Fun & Eva Rothwell Afterschool programs

Over the course of my undergraduate career, I have seen myself grow from a shy first year, to a confident fourth year with bright plans for the future, and I believe this change is partially due to my time volunteering with CVA.  Unlike other groups, CVA allows you to grow into a role while still feeling like you’re making an impact in every task you undertake along the way, and I believe it is this that makes it such a successful organization. I started my journey as a volunteer at the Eva Rothwell program. Even though I only went once a week and only got to know a few kids well, I always felt like I was making a difference, in part because I knew, as a collective, CVA volunteers put in thousands of hours and help hundreds of kids. Later, as a facilitator, I was able to adopt a leadership role and, with support from Student Open Circles staff, I gained confidence in my ability to fulfill this role. CVA highlighted for me many of the issues but also allowed me to feel empowered and feel that I could make a difference in the lives of people affected.

It's hard to believe how fast these four years went and even stranger to look back and see how much I’ve changed. CVA has taught me so much about service, reflection, making connections and social issues and I’m so sad to be leaving this community. However, in whatever I pursue in the future I hope that I can take these lessons with me and continue to grow as an individual and make a difference in the lives of those around me.