Finding a Story to Live From

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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There are things we do or don’t do based on
the story of ourselves we operate from. Yet there are untold other
possible stories we might choose from.

— Pat B. Allen

Young adults we work with are examining the story they live from, often for the first time. And discovering that, both individually and as a society, we can find another story when the one that directs our daily choices is less than life-giving. We have the potential to change. And not only that, as Simran realized through her CVA experiences, “I could also become a medium to affect change.”

How does this change happen? How do we discover new stories to live by? In Student Open Circles, we see students discovering more life-giving stories in many ways. Through their volunteer experiences they are opening up new questions and encountering the stories of others. And we see students being transformed through being listened to, having someone notice with them the story they are living by and whether it’s what they choose. As one alumni reflected: “I really do appreciate all those times that you listened to me, and I think those personal reflections that you have with students allow people to flesh out their inner conflicts; you kind of give a voice to our natural intuitive feelings that faintly whisper something’s not right, so thanks.”

Listen in with us through this collection of stories, as Mengyuan tells how her path took a sharp turn after volunteering at the Breakfast program. Hear Simran articulate how her personal biases and stories of society were shaken up, and how Laura grew from a shy first year to an empowered fourth year student. Listen to those in the broader community whose lives are touched by this service. Thank you for supporting these transformations, both in the lives of young adults and people throughout the Hamilton community!

— Marybeth and Jeff