Students Speak

Fast Facts about Community Volunteer Action (CVA) & Open Circle:

  • Over 300 students giving 10,000 hours of service each year, which at minimum wage is $100,000 of benefit to the community!
  • 300+ students involved in events & weekly discussion groups
  • 30 weekly volunteer groups
  • 60+ student leaders

The annual winter retreat was a heartfelt and spiritual getaway from the stresses of daily life into our personal ‘Narnia’ for a weekend. We took part in many reflective exercises including sharing our spiritual journeys with others in a safe, warm, and open environment. The connections built through sharing our lives in that non-judgmental, conductive space are indescribably precious to me. Our hike in the woods helped me reconnect with nature and our human roots in a way that is nearly impossible in the city. I explored what was truly important to me and discovered ways to reawaken my soul which can easily fall asleep during daily bustles. It was hands down, the highlight of my year. (Shahan)

Getting outside of the Mac bubble has made me more open-minded to people living in poverty. Now I don’t judge them and am a more grateful person. (CVA Student Leader)

Service is no longer a side thing in my life but what I enjoy the most. (CVA student leader)

These volunteer and service experiences gave me the confidence I need as I enter teacher’s college, bringing out skills I didn’t know I had, and then participating in the Personal Discovery Course brought it all together. (CVA student leader)