Fast Facts / Comments

Fast Facts about Community Volunteer Action (CVA) & Open Circle

  • 320 students giving over 9,800 hours of annual service, which at minimum wage is approximately $100,000 of benefit to the community!
  • 300+ students involved in weekly discussion groups & events
  • 33 weekly volunteer groups this year

From the After School Club:

Yesterday was the last day of volunteering before exams for Monday’s CVA group. At the end of the day, a Grade 2 student took me aside to let me know how much he will miss his mentors. “I’ll miss Jesse and Jimmy so much. They are my only friends.” This child has been through incredibly tough circumstances this past year and the difference that those 2 mentors are making in his life will probably go further than we may ever realize. With them he feels cared for and safe. That is the real difference that Student Open Circles volunteers make. (Gladys Flores, LAF afterschool program coordinator, Welcome Inn Community Centre)

Students Speak:

Through volunteering I've learned about the issues facing an entirely different demographic than the one I am in. Because of this experience, I am much more in tune to the needs and feelings of others, and the importance of fulfilling my responsibilities as a moral agent. (CVA Student Volunteer)

Volunteering has taught me about empathy, accountability, responsibility, advocacy, leadership, and inter-personal relations. (CVA Student Facilitator)