Speak Your Mind (at our Spring Retreat)

Students came together at the end of April exams with one question in mind - How can I let go of the stress of the past term, reconnect with what’s important to me, and be renewed for the transition to spring term? For some, they’d be starting classes again in a few days while others were graduating or looking for a summer job. But all were experiencing change. 

We retreated through engaging in spiritual practices, creative expression, hiking, and discussions, such as each person anonymously writing one question they have about transitions. From these questions, we went around the circle many times with a “Speak Your Mind” activity where each person has a chance to respond to the questions. Here are some of the questions students asked:

  • How will you live authentically through transitions into new ways of life?
  • What are you afraid of?
  • How do you typically respond to change? And how would you like to respond to change?
  • What motivates and sustains your transition?
  • How does one get over fear and find the bravery to say something difficult to someone you love?