I Am Not Alone

by Kenny Chee-A-Tow, Open Circle student

Since joining Open Circle I have grown to depths I had once thought unattainable. Open Circle has provided me with a space where I can share, experience, and enjoy aspects of self-reflection, spirituality and openness that I felt had been lacking in my life.

When I started my spiritual journey I had anticipated it to be a tough uphill battle that I would have to face by myself. However, after being referred to a weekly Reflection Circle by a close friend, who like me was seeking more of a spiritual path in life, I discovered that this journey did not have to be done alone. Engaging in open reflection with others that share some of the same feelings and compassion for exploration allowed me to see that support and guidance was necessary in this journey I have started. Through discussing quotes, stories, poems, songs and various other forms of expression, we all walk this path together, not always side by side but in spirit. Open Circle creates a safe, relaxing, and inviting environment for people to come, share and be a part of something that is genuine and sincere. What exactly this is I cannot summarize with all the words in the world. However, I will try. “Food for the soul” is how I see Open Circle, nourishing the soul in community for it to grow and feel.

I have not been on this journey long but I feel that I have absorbed so much knowledge by doing something so simple, opening my mind. I do not know if this will all make sense, but I write because of how I feel. No bells or whistles, strings attached. This is my expression of my soul, my heart, the love I have for what Open Circle has brought into my life. 

Exploring my spiritual journey with the Open Circle community has brought a sense of joy into my life and I hope it can do the same for many others. We do not walk this path alone, we are guided, followed, helped and together exploring our souls for something we can truly call real.