Did You Know? / Alumni Speak...

Did you know?

  • Between 800 and 1200 people are trafficked in Canada every year, and double that number come through our borders on their way to the United States (RCMP estimate)
  • Canada’s toughest sentence for human trafficking was handed down in Hamilton in April 2012. Just a couple months before, we had guest speakers present on this issue to our volunteer group facilitators, training our CVA volunteer groups to be eyes and ears to notice potential trafficking in the communities we serve.

Students Speak...

When we asked graduating students what they would do differently regarding their involve-ment in CVA and Open Circle, their most common response was: “I wish I’d gotten involved sooner!”

“Thank you for your support of Student Open Circles! I currently am a student facilitator for a weekly group at the Eva Rothwell Centre, and because of you, we can definitely see the changes that are occurring in the children’s lives. To think, that just a small amount of money can change someone’s life is an amazing thing. Thanks again!” Kunal Tandan