Reflecting on 10 Years: more Greetings from Alumni

Continuing from our August newsletter, here are some more comments from our 10th anniversary celebration in May, where alumni and students reflected on what their involvement with Open Circle has meant to them as well as how it continues to contribute to their lives.

“CVA was a great part of the time I spent at McMaster. It allowed me to go and meet people outside of our campus and experience the Hamilton community. It also allowed me to feel part of this big web of volunteers on campus. It allowed me to see that every little bit helps and adds to the big picture. I would really like to thank you for making this possible.” (Asha Aggarwal, alumni)

“Thank you so much for giving me the space to grow and become the person I am today. It has been an incredible gift.” (Elisa, student)

“Open Circle and CVA have definitely support-ed me in finding my inner voice, by giving me a safe space for reflection and discussion. My volunteer experiences with CVA have helped me form my future career goals and broaden my perspective on life. Thanks!” (Sonika, alumni)

“Although I have to say I found CVA's emphasis on reflections to be a tad awkward at first, I can now say that this emphasis was what kept me volunteering for 4 years. University life can get overwhelming and it's easy to push volunteering aside to attend to other tasks. Now that I've moved onto another program at another university, I'm glad to say I'm still volunteering and making a difference.” (Jihye Han, alumni)

Thank you Open Circle for being such an important part of my university experience. I cherish the memories and the amazing friends I have made.” (Jacob, alumni)