Making a Difference

Student Open Circles volunteers are making a positive difference in the community:

  • Over 300 students giving 10,000 hours of community service each year
  • 20–25 teams volunteering every week
  • Hundreds of McMaster University students involved in Weekly Reflection Groups, Events, Personal Discovery Courses, and Retreats


Student Open Circles volunteers prepare nutritious snacks and a healthy breakfast each day at Dr. Davey School in Hamilton's Beasley neighbourhood.

Student Open Circles volunteers are mentors and role models every day of the week at afterschool programs throughout downtown Hamilton.

Volunteers Speak

"Even the smallest interaction can make a difference in somebody's life. Even if it cannot be immediately seen or ever measured, I have learned to simply appreciate the time you spend volunteering and to believe in my own ability to impact others in a positive way." (Student Volunteer)

Agencies Speak

"The student volunteers are outstanding, responsible, energetic, and reliable. The residents they serve, who all are living with disabilities, thoroughly enjoy the enthusiasm with which they arrive for the afternoon and their dedication. Having a group of young volunteers enables the residents to get more one on one time. It is a wonderful and vital part of the weekly routine at Conway. The residents light up when the volunteers arrive.  They come out of their rooms or plan ahead to do something with some of them. Sometimes the simplest of gestures like pushing a wheelchair one block to get an ice cap is worth a million and endless smiles and thank you’s. The service you provide for us is outstanding and for that we feel very grateful!" (Kim McDonald, Conway Opportunity Homes)