Asking Questions

By Kyle Oosterman, Student facilitator of a volunteer group at LAF afterschool program

Becoming more aware and introspective has been the most meaningful way in which our regular student leader meetings have enriched my year.  Specifically, one week’s theme of asking meaningful questions prompted me to consider the intent of my questions that I ask my volunteer group members and the children I tutor. This reflection provided me with a new goal to become more conscious of what types of questions I ask, whether my questions allow for a meaningful dialogue, and how such questions are interpreted. Do my questions allow for a space where others feel they can share responses that are meaningful to them? Since that meeting, I have been more attentive to the questions that I ask on a daily basis. This has been incredibly valuable in the relationships that I’ve built in my volunteering role, and in my life overall.

There have been many highlights from being a volunteer group facilitator, including forming strong bonds with other volunteers, making lasting memories, and learning about myself as a person. The student leader training meetings have given me space to discover more about myself and to form many goals. The reflections have given material that I’ve incorporated both in my role as a facilitator and during my life in general. For this, I am very grateful.